Friday, July 20, 2007

Rambling, July 20th edition

Kira had a notebook that she was carrying around this evening, writing down everything Mark was saying or doing. (one entry was "Shacks head"....she couldn't remember what she had written down, and I tried all kinds of combinations, including "shark's head" before I figured out it was "shakes head.")

Mark was scoffing at this, saying that she would never be a real author if she was writing boring things like that down. (At which point I mentioned people who wrote "Day in the Life of...." kinds of stories, and if he ever became famous, she could totally print that. heh heh) Mark squeaked out, "She can't do that! I was talking about Cleoandotherhotgirls!" At which point I just started laughing. :D


Earlier today, I was trying to get Mark to unload/reload the dishwasher, and he was just not as motivated to do it as I was for him to do it (which is understandable, naturally, but I still wanted it done). He was all, "WHY do I have to do it??" So I threw my head back and cried, "Because I want something CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The kids just looked at me for a moment in, I think, some kind of awe. Mark walked over, patted me on the head, walked out to the kitchen, and came back with a plate. Which was clean. I gave him my most withering mom-stare, he laughed and went back out and did the dishwasher.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out in about three hours. Kira gets picked up tomorrow morning at 7:30, and after that I'm taking Mark with me to go pick up our book. Mark is very concerned that they will be out of copies by then. (we did not pre-order.)

We have, by the way, made the pledge NOT to reveal the ending or secrets of the book to others.


I found out yesterday that British English does not always put ending punctuation inside quotation marks. I also learned that periods are referred to as "full stops." <== note American punctuation there. British punctuation would have been, "full stops". And in a blatant flaunting of the "American progressive" versus "British traditional" stereotypes, both versions of English originally used the same version, which the American English retained, but the British style moved away from in favor of punctuating according to sense. (Meaning, if it made sense or was a part of the quotation, the punctuation would be within the quotation marks.)


Actually, calling periods "full stops" sounds pretty appropriate to me. Goodness knows MY period means a full stop!


I decided this morning I needed to get my hair cut. Called the salon and I have an appointment for tomorrow morning. My mom was ripped 'cause she's been trying for several days to get a morning appointment with that same stylist and the earliest she was able to get in is next Friday. I just got lucky. heh heh.


I had to schedule an MRI for my ankle (had the followup appointment at the orthopaedist today, and she told me that she is "at a loss" to explain why it is not healing correctly--yeah, 'cause THAT'S what I want to hear from my doctor...that one and she also said, "It's a mystery." Real confidence builders.). Anyway, the office called for me and were able to get an appointment for next Thursday, when usually they're booked up for weeks. (More luck. Although now I have to reschedule with Kristen, 'cause it's going to overlap on times. need to remember to call her on that one.)


I'm meeting an old high school classmate for dinner tomorrow night. He found me through, and then found my blog, and commented and we got emailing. It'll be really nice to catch up. He's been doing things that sound fascinating. I'm a little worried that I'll bore him to tears. (okay, I'm *more* than a little worried about that.) But, it'll be nice to get out and be around someone new. I'm wondering how long we can go without doing the "so do you know what so-and-so is up to these days" thing.


At the doctor's appointment yesterday, we decided to switch my antidepressant. I'm stopping the Prozac for a week and then starting Celexa. I'll be starting it just before I go to Boston for the weekend, so I'm really, REALLY hoping not to have any bad side effects the first few days. That would just suck, huh?


OK, gotta run. Need to tuck kids in. Have to get up early again tomorrow, Kira's leaving at 7:30. My hair appointment is at 9:30. Hope it turns out well. She only had a half-hour available, so she's going to cut it but not style it, which actually works out better for me, because it's less money. The next week or so is gonna be pretty pricey for me between dinner out, Funtown/Splashtown on Tuesday (my seven year old has to pay full adult price because she is over 48 inches tall...WTF?), Boston next weekend, mortgage due....

Running. mk

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The Beast Mom said... are you?
I'm back from the trip and slowly re-entering to normal life again. Just thought I'd say hi and see what's up.

I like the phrase "withering mom look". Nicely done. :)


p.s. Did you know they sell mini Darth Vader Lego people keychains? Just saw one at a new-ish Lego store at our mall. Kinda' cute for Darth Vader anyway. :)