Friday, January 09, 2009


OK, I have *really* got to get my ass back in gear on the blogging thing. I've started journaling recently, and of course I'm doing Facebook, which really doesn't satisfy the blurt-out-everything-in-my-head idea that blogging does, so I'm making a resolution (a "blogalution" if you will) that I will be making a concerted effort to keep up on the blog front.

To that end, a random idea that has been rolling around in the ol' noggin is wondering how many individually nameable external body parts the human body has. Does it cover every square inch? Is there a place on the body that doesn't have a "real" name?

OK. More later, but I need to boot the kids out the door and get a dang shower. Mark took up all the hot water AGAIN and I have been waiting for it to refill and getting totally grossed out by my own funk (and yes, I showered yesterday. I am apparently just hypersensitive to it right now).

Blah blah blah blog. :) mk

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