Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cellar Rat

I'm gonna be playing cellar rat today.

No, not that kind of cellar rat.

My dad and the rest of my family have been using the term "cellar rat" to mean any time we are spending an extended time working in the basement, or cellar. ("Cellar" is the preferred term in Maine, as in, "I'm going down cellar") So, when I call my parents and ask Dad what he's up to and he says "I'm cellar rat today" I know that he's going to be in the cellar, probably trying to organize & clear out.

Today I will be cellar rat along with my dad, here at my house. Yesterday I heard water hissing in the basement, and it turned out to be a few pinhole leaks in one of the pipes. Dad came up and he and Mark went down and replaced some of the pipes, but that only inspired other leaks to come forth, and now there are leaks all over the place. So Dad picked up some new pipes last night and today we are going to do some major repiping.

That part will be fun, although the timing sucks. It's gonna be cold down there, and also I had some errands that I need to do, and this is a fairly busy week for me.

It does suck that I've gone over a day without any water. The kids went to their dad's last night, so they at least have access to working bathrooms and showers. I could have gone to my parents', but honestly I was kind of looking forward to the time alone. The kids don't go with their dad on Wednesday this week, so that was my break until Saturday night.

Well, I'd better get geared up in my best cellar rat style. (Jeans, old men's sweatshirt) Later. mk

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