Friday, January 09, 2009

Endorphin High

Well, I'm in the grip of an endorphin high from just finishing a workout (loooooove Billy Blanks), and also the last couple of days I've been really looking at my need to increase my activity level. Not just for the exercise, although that is really REALLY needed, but also just to keep me moving and interactive with this incredibly beautiful state that I live in.

This is, of course, a gigantic change from the way I've been living for the last forever, when just getting through a day was a challenge. And who knows, tomorrow I might be back to the "you've got to be kidding me" stage, but in the meantime today I am enthusiastic and trying to create a list of possible ideas.

Once spring gets here of course there are a lot more things open that I'd like to do, especially kayaking. I also want to do more hiking. Last spring when we hiked to the top of Mt Battie as a part of Brenda's wedding weekend, that hike kicked my ass. Therefore, I want to do it again. And again. And again, repeat until it's easy. I also have a couple of other trails I want to check out. Like the one on Rt 17 that is on my 101 list.

But now. Now is winter. And I need winter activities. Preferably that get me the hell outside so I can take advantage of the weak sunlight and possibly stave off the Seasonal Affective Disorder I struggle with every year.

I might do some snowshoeing. I've got to get Dad to check to see if he still has a pair of bear-paw snowshoes or if he sold them all in the lawn sales last year. I'll start with just walking around outside in my yard, because what I remember from the last time I went snowshoeing, when I was a teenager (yes, I know, shut up), it was that if you don't snowshoe a lot and you go out for a several-mile walk in them, that will be the last walking you will do comfortably for quite some time. Need to build those leg muscles up.

Also could do some regular walking/hiking. Take the car down by camp so I can have some pretty, relatively little-traveled roads to walk on, with multiple directions possible. That would be really nice. And I can build up on distance.

4-wheeling on the lake. This will probably be restricted, due to the need to have Dad along, since it's his 4-wheeler and he has a whole spiel that he does before he lets anyone (well, anyone other than another adult male) on it. Yes, sexist. It's a Dad thing.

I'd like to do some cross-country skiing, but I'm scared of it due to the wonderful accident I had the first time I tried it, where I skillfully managed to permanently wreck both ankles at once. Is it possible to cross-country ski without hurting myself? Dunno.

Same thing, I'd like to work on ice-skating, but my ankles are so frigged up, I can't see being on skates. ow ow ow. But it looks so FUN to zip along. sigh.

Tubing. That was fun. It would be nice if I did it more than once. (rolls eyes)

I think the big thing is for me to just get outside. Even if I start out just friggin' standing there.

Well, kids are home and we're due for a family meeting so I'll check back later. see ya. mk


Capt. Brenda said...

Let's all go and the kids and me and Brian!

Anonymous said...

I want to go tubing too. Also hiking up Mt. Batty- I've never been to Mt. Batty before (lame, I know).