Wednesday, February 08, 2017

What To Do, What To Do...

In the time it's been since I was blogging regularly, so much of my life has changed. Mark's out on his own, Kira's a high school junior, I have a cat, I'm back to my first, best therapist (twice a week), and I've become obsessed with politics.

We'll focus on that last one, because that's the source of the dilemma that led to this post.

The majority of this blog was pretty much just me rambling about various me-centric issues. It was a space for me to put down the things that have happened with me and my kids, some nonesensical ramblings, and just day-to-day things that were pretty much only important to me.

Then the country went insane and we ended up with...well...the current person in the Oval Office.

Now a HUGE part of my life is caught up in trying to deal with my fledgling experiences as someone who cares about politics. For most of my life, I was deliberately politically ignorant. I had a hard enough time dealing with the things that immediately surrounded me, I didn't have the emotional energy (or interest) in moving beyond that scope to things that I really didn't feel I had any possibility of changing. I don't handle the feeling of helplessness well, so why would I deliberately subject myself to that?

Not sure how that exactly changed, but it did, and now I'm all into the political stuff. And I'm liberal (I know, that's so surprising to anyone who has read even a little bit of my stuff). I feel an obligation to speak up and work to try to improve what's going on.

I need to be able to work a lot of this out in my head by writing it down. Gee, like maybe...blogging!


This was pretty much a mommy-blog. Do I leave this blog and start another one, or stay here?

There are pros and cons to both. The biggest 'con' is that if I end up getting read (I know, bold thinking, considering the bazillions of other, better, more involved writers out there), I'm afraid that the rest of my blog, my previous years, will get negatively impacted, and I don't want that.

However. Having all this history here is also helpful.

Dunno. Maybe I'll link it. Maybe I'll just start the other blog and if I don't like it, I'll transfer the posts here.

I'll keep ~mk

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