Saturday, January 21, 2017

No, It's Not Deja-Vu, It's Plagiarism

Trump and his team are...well, fucked up. One of the more fucked-up things they keep doing is copying Obama. For someone who spent so many YEARS bitching that Obama wasn't a real citizen and therefore wasn't a legitimate President, Trump sure seems to want to be just like him.

* Melania's speech, copying Michelle Obama's speech.
* Trump's first POTUS Twitter header, which was a photo from OBAMA'S inauguration

* Trump's inauguration cake was deliberately commissioned to be an exact duplicate of Obama's...but not by the original cake maker. Also, while the original cake had each layer a different flavor, Trump's was made of styrofoam, except for a 3-inch slice on the bottom (the part he cut with the sword). WTF. And it wasn't mentioned until the original cake designer spoke up.

* A line from Trump's speech echoes that from Bane (Batman villian).

* Trump's joke at the Alfred Smith Dinner was plagiarized from a cartoon on RollCall in July, by RJ Matson. Trump plagiarized a joke about Melania's plagiarism.

So much of Trump seems to fall under the category of "you just cannot make this shit up". It's ridiculous, really. And the biggest question seems to be WHY? This is not coincidental. This is deliberate. And it makes no sense.

Plagiarism in general seems to be a Trump-team thing. His pick for a National Security Council position, Monica Crowley, stepped down because it was revealed that large parts of her published book were plagiarized, as was her PhD DISSERTATION.

Ivanka was sued for copying shoe styles for her brand.

Trump apparently lifted about 20 pages in his Trump University "textbooks" from a 1995 series "Real Estate Mastery System".

His campaign copied voter registration instructions (out of date, at that) from various websites, without giving credit.

He copied a lot of an op-ed he published in Guam News in March 2016 from one written by Ben Carson.

He filed to trademark his slogan "Make America Great Again"...except that was REAGAN'S campaign slogan. Trump still insisted he made it up.

I'd question how the man got elected, but the answer to that is one part Hillary haters and about five parts Russia/GOP collusion.

It will be interesting to see what Trump decides to steal of Obama's next. Again, for people who spent so much time bashing the Obamas, Trump's team seems very eager to -literally- copy them. ~mk

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