Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Harbor House

It's the biggest post-season basketball tournaments in the state. This year 82 middle school and high school teams (no seniors are allowed to play) from all over the state will compete at six different locations in the Bar Harbor area over three days, March 15-17. Hundreds of players. Thousands of spectators.

It's The Great Harbor House Shootout.

Kira's travel team is going. I just called and booked us a room for the weekend. (panic panic panic) It's a double-elimination tournament, which means we are guaranteed at least two games. Our first game is on Friday, second on Saturday morning. If the team keeps winning, we may end up in the championship on Sunday.

It's going to be CRAZY. -mk

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Anonymous said...

Hello MK - Wow, I don't check in for a few months....and you go off and have some surgery...??

Hoping your all healed up by now..(including the noggin'). I can't imagine the concern you felt when you started feeling that lump. I was told I have a hiatal hernia m-a-n-y years ago; I've never had any 'issues' with it.

The pics of the snow on your deck are crazy. We were complaining down here because a little over 1 foot came down, and the loss of power for 2 days really sucked. You're snow experience has 'humbled' me. Did you also lose power?

Good for you about the opportunity to get the home repairs/upgrades...hope you post some photos.

If I'm not being too nosy, can I ask how your overall experience was at Maine Medical? Good, bad, somewhere in between?

On your 101 list, #68: "Build or get a monitor stand"; are you currently using a laptop, or a separate keyboard/monitor/tower setup?

Good Luck to your family in the Shootout; and again - maybe some pics?!