Sunday, March 18, 2007

It. Never. Ends.

So yesterday. Saturday. I was so looking forward to just recuperating from the last week. (and thanking the stars and God and leprechauns that the cookie booth had been cancelled)

And it rained. Sleet and rain on top of the foot of snow we got over Friday night. And the basement started accumulating water. And more water. And yes, even more water.

And the hoses to the sump pumps had frozen up.

And the culvert that is supposed to divert water from my yard to across the road was completely covered in snow and ice. Both sides of the road.

And I was totally dependent on the new drainpipe that was installed this fall to remove all the water that was pouring into my basement. (and when I say pouring, I mean it. I have many many spots in the basement walls where the water pours out like a hose. It's like a multitude of water fountains down there. I should have taken pictures, because it's hard to actually believe if you haven't seen it.)

I. am. maxed. out. on. stress.

Thankfully, my father came up and *he* handled it all, because I was absolutely incapable. I tried. I really did. I went outside and tried to free the hoses, to unbury the culvert (from both sides), to do what needed to be done. But all I really succeeded in doing was getting myself completely, soaking, wring-out-a-gallon-of-water, wet. And more depressed.

I went to bed last night at 8, slept until 9:30 this morning. And am probably going back to bed shortly for a nap. I think I need to sleep off a couple days. mk

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