Friday, April 27, 2012

Must Be My Magnetic Personality

Ok, so this morning I had the MRI for my shoulder (followup appointment on Monday with the orthopedist for results).

Shoulder actually wasn't bothering me too badly before I went, and as I got the coils strapped on, etc, I was actually pretty comfortable overall.

However, as the MRI kept going, my shoulder started to hurt. And hurt more. And hurt -more-. By the last six minutes of it, I was in a LOT of pain. It's weird, but it seemed to be related to the magnets and the vibrations.

I told the not-as-friendly tech (the other tech was extremely nice, she was the one who got me set up) as he was unhooking everything, that I was in a surprising amount of pain. He just blew it off and said it wasn't uncommon, it came from lying still for 30 minutes.

Um. I've lain still for longer than 30 minutes with no pain.

I've had an MRI before (for my ankle) and it didn't hurt at -all-. I've never heard anyone talk about an MRI hurting. It's supposed to be a painless procedure.

Anybody got any idea what might have been going on there? ~mk

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