Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It is Facebook's Fault That I Forget I Have a Blog

I am totally going to blame Facebook for my failure to blog. Yes. It is just too easy to put up a quick little snippet or 47 every day, whenever I choose, and the fairly instant feedback is very satisfying.

However, I do miss the ability to drone on and on endlessly about whatever. With Facebook I do feel the need, most of the time, to be fairly positive and occasionally witty. I have to worry a bit more about who's in my audience (my kids, for example, and several of their friends).

I could go on about the pros and cons of Facebook vs blog, but many many other people have already done that, and probably in a far more interesting way than I have, so let's drop it and move on, shall we?

Once again I vow to post more to my blog. It's like a New Year's Resolution. Only, in March. mk


Anonymous said...

MK - Glad to see that the blog's not completely forgotten! Your schedule sounds you think the basketball might help with future college plans? (My niece was able to get some sort of basketball scholarship.)


markira said...

Paul! Thank you for checking in!

Yes, my schedule is and has been day last week the schedule was: Kira practice 4-6, Mark basketball banquet 6-8, Mark basketball practice 8-9:30. Oh, and needed to bring a main dish/casserole to the banquet. Gah!

Not sure about basketball helping yet with college...unlikely for Mark, still too early to tell with Kira. We can hope, though!

hugs, mk