Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today was rather a bad day for me in terms of anxiety. I had a low-grade panic buzzing in me all day, despite many efforts to bring it under control. I was chatting with Michael (I know, I haven't mentioned Michael...he lives out of state, I met him online, we are very very close) and mentioned that among other things, I had not been out of my house since the previous morning. This, despite the abnormally warm weather we are having (85 degrees, in Maine, in March). He told me to stop, go out on either the porch or the deck, take a few deep breaths, and come back.

So I'm out on the porch swing for like, two minutes, and go back inside.

Later, at Kira's basketball practice, my friend Michelle said that she saw me when she drove by. Seriously, I'm outside for literally two minutes and was spotted. This does not work well in dispelling my paranoia about people looking at me. :P

What got to me a little was that her immediate reaction was "Oh my god, she's OUTSIDE."

You know that phrase, "I need to get out more"? Yeah. That. mk

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