Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween 2010

OK, you guys know I like things a bit on the dark and scary side. You KNOW I love Halloween. My daughter has been, in recent years, a Goth Fairy and a Dead Prom Queen. Mark has borrowed my Dead Pirate costume. Brenda and I have twice run a Haunted Pirate Ship at her house. I dress Goth for Halloween. I love love love this stuff.

So I had to get myself in an entirely different frame of mind when Kira excitedly told me her final decision for a costume this year.

She wanted to be an ice cream sundae.

I had to think sweetness and light. I had to think soft and puffy. People, I had to think PASTEL.

Well, I was able to get in the right mode. Spent entirely too much time figuring out how to make the costume (bowl and spoon were paper mache over chicken wire, scoop was pink flannel, sewn to a shirt that I cut open, stuffed, that went over her head and tied on the sides (after it was all done I figured out a much easier way I could have made that, but oh well). Chocolate sauce was dark brown satin. Felt sprinkles glued on. Cherry on top was the easiest, a styrofoam ball that I sculpted a little, painted, wired onto a headband and pushed a pipe-cleaner stem into. A bit of (pastel, dammit) makeup and a couple of side ponytails and she was adorable!

Won for the Most Creative Costume for grades 3-5 at the Halloween Carnival. Many, *many* compliments. Her friends kept poking and hugging her because she was so squishy soft. She giggled a lot. It was all good.

Yesterday she announced what she wants to be next year. I held my breath while she threw her hands out wide over her head and proudly exclaimed....


Yesssssssssss. mk


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This was the best costume. I loved it! RS

The Beast Mom said...

Sweet! Literally. :) Sounds like she'll go all morbid on you next year tho. heh-heh.


Anonymous said...


Excellent good job! Did her brother dress up?