Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why the hell have I ignored this blog for so long? I'm a good writer (modest, too, huh), and it's always so beneficial to me to pour this crap out on the page rather than bottle it up, but somehow I always manage to forget that and wrap myself all up in my head instead. Fabulous. Very healthy.

By now I'm sure the what, three or four people who ever faithfully read this blog have long abandoned it, so I am most likely talking to myself, which, really, is mostly the purpose anyway (as much as I love you guys).

Right now is a particularly good time for me to reconnect with my blog. I'm in rather desperate need of a bit of pouring-out.

As usual when I've been away for months, it's likely that I'll be particularly prolific for a few days with various postings. Maybe I'll even level out and then just post on a regular (daily?) basis, but you know me, I'm not especially skilled in moderation. We'll see. mk


Beast Mom said...

Uh, I've been checking your blog about once every 2 weeks. I was wondering. I don't like to be overly nosy. I was concerned tho. I'm glad you are writing again. Let me know if I can help. Yes, I know that's lame coming all the way from Seattle, but still.

wendy said...

i have been checking periodically and was glad to se e today that you wereback.

markira said...

Thank you both. *hugs* mk