Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Heard From Mark: Oh My

Last night, viewing a commercial for an upcoming episode of Tyra Banks, in which they will explore whether women with a larger cup size are treated better:

Mark: "I speak for all men, including babies: breasts? are good."

Oh. My. mk


The Beast Mom said...

So why don't you have him write a guest blog post with the answer?

heh. Sorry. I feel your pain. :)

And I'm disappointed that car/rocket is actually not in your front yard. I was hoping you were driving down the street w/ that thing strapped on. And then hitting some kind of nitro button to scare the crap out of the neighbors as you hit warp speed.


markira said...

I really think Mark should have his own real blog, where he does something more challenging than the Sprtsgeek review thing he's set up. He's quite a good writer when he wants to be.

Right after Mark was born, X bought a customized Mustang with twin glass-pack mufflers and a push-start ignition (two switches and a button, actually). The reverse lights were not connected to the gears, so you could flip a switch and turn them on any time you wanted. Freaked tailgaters out to suddenly see the reverse lights on. And that sucker was LOUD.

That was so much fun to drive, but I wouldn't let Mark in it. We didn't have the car long.