Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Vacation!

Well, today is the first full day of summer vacation!!! Kids had a half-day of school yesterday, then we went to camp. They went swimming, I laid out on the deck and got a little sunburn. Mom and Dad showed up around 4, we had an impromptu cookout. Everybody went home around 7:30. Wonderful day.

As a special one-time-only treat to kick off the summer, I allowed Mark to stay up as late as he wanted (although no electronics allowed after 9pm). He ended up staying up until 1:30, finished writing his first book (Chris Green and the Lost Prince). He slept until almost 10 this morning. I let Kira stay up until 9. She was up waaaaay before I was this morning, and is a chipper, chirping little person.

I am so glad to have all these events over with.....Little League, T-ball, Daisy Scouts, kindergarten graduation, Spring Concert, Awards Assembly. Tomorrow is Father's Day, and Monday is Mark's birthday (we're having a bunch of boys over to mostly just hang out), and then *my* summer vacation gets started. :D

Went to some friends' house this last Wednesday (immediately following the kindergarten graduation) to talk about starting a Bible study back up. We're going to do one on 'priorities', starting in two weeks, meeting every other Wednesday. Right now it's our "core group" of me, Jim & Lisa, Becky & Bill....I guess they're going to see if some other people want to come also. Whichever. I'm going to be glad to get back into a Bible study. I've been rather floundering lately, and I think this will be a huge help in keeping me back on track.

Well, I need to get dressed. I've been lazy long enough today. Need to go get the trellis and the climbing rose for Dad's Father's Day present, then pull stuff together to go to camp with the kids. I'm staying out of the sun today, though, to give my burn a chance to fade out. My arms actually have some noticeable tan, though.

Off I go.

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