Friday, June 02, 2006

June 2, 2006

Last day of the leg study today. That means payday! Good thing, too, as I could reeeeeally use the cash.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go on a 4-hour schooner sail. Of course, the weather forecast says rain. Great.

Tomorrow also Mark has a baseball game and a birthday party at Kody's. The game is at 10 (he has to be there at 9:30), my sail is from 10-2, and Kody's birthday party is 10:30-3:30. Of course, I have not yet worked out the fine details on how this is all supposed to happen at the same time. :D

Kira is out screeching at Mark at the bus stop again. She's in a nasty mood today. It was not helped by first thing this morning she came in my room wearing the dress I'd planned she'd wear to the Spring Concert on Tuesday. She was NOT impressed that I told her she couldn't wear it. Also, she says she doesn't want to wear it to the concert. Too bad.

I have so much crap going on right now my head is spinning. And of course, I'm here typing this instead of getting ready to head out the door, which I can do as soon as the bus comes and picks up my monsters.

Note to self: blog later on last night's sink disaster and Mark's loss of lightbulbs.

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