Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kira's Writing

Kira wrote some stories in her journal they are (spelling is as she wrote it).

Sally is So Perfect

Sally is to perfect. She needs to stop being pefect. I do not like it. I try to be perfect but I cant be pefect. I triy and triy And triy but I cant** be purfect. I Get mad. That is not perfect. I am to frustrated! So wut I am perfect even though I get Mad. You do? Yes I do. Rielly. Yup! So I am purfect to. Yes you are! Sweyt! Ya hoo you and me are perfect!

**This was originally spelled with a 'u' instead of an 'a' but I quickly made her correct that. :D


I do not like it wen I am happy

I do not like it wen I'm happy. My Mom and Dad say put a smiyl on my Fase. I dont efyn no what that meins! So my mom tells me but I do not like it! I tell her to stop but she dasint I yell she stops and gets mad!

[Kira is right next to me and is telling me to "Write The End!" so.....The End.]

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