Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27, 2006

Well, after sleeping in quite a bit late, I did get something accomplished. I spent about two hours digging out a new shape to the garden around the maple tree (the tree island, I call it). Took the sod I dug up and put it over on that scar on the front lawn left from last summer when I had the guys dig up the drainpipe from the basement and fix it. Hopefully the sod will take and it will look at least a *little* better.

I have a couple/three beautiful blisters on my right hand, and a sore spot around the heel of my left palm. Not tooooo painful, but I am very aware of their presence. I know I probably should have worn gloves, but really, I'd just as soon use bare hands, even with all the wear-and-tear.

The tree island looks really great. I edged it all in brick, and I'm very very pleased with how it turned out. I still need to get some more topsoil to put in there, and then I can transplant the hostas from the foundation garden to the tree island, and move a couple of plants from the rock garden, and THEN I can put in the flat of pansies Donald & Dorothy gave me for Easter. Which reminds me, I need to go water them. be right back

There. They'll be happier.

When I was taking Donald to his test on Tuesday, we got talking about gardening, and on to tomatoes. Donald does tomato plants every year. He was talking about how his *favorite* kind is "Fantastic" but he can't find them locally anymore. He doesn't grow from seed, he gets seedlings. Well, yesterday I found some Fantastic seedlings on eBay of all places (really, is there *anything* you can't find on eBay?) So I bid on them. The auction doesn't close until the 30th, so we'll see how it works out. That would be really cool for me to be able to get some for him.

Which reminds me that I haven't planted my six-week start-ahead seeds. I really need to get to that. Maybe Kira and I will do that tonight while Mark's at baseball practice. I need to remember to bug-spray him before he goes, the blackflies are out. They attack Kira something fierce, she comes in from playing outside all bloody, so I'll need to bug-spray her whenever she wants to go outside, too. sigh. This is like the worst part about living in Maine. (if this is the worst of it, though, I've got it pretty darn good)

OK. I haven't eaten anything yet today, so I'm gonna go grab a yogurt w/ granola and chill out for awhile.

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