Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving and Shaking

LOTS of positive things going on right now in my life (karma, this is NOT a challenge!). This week has been so busy!

* In process of having a TON of home repairs done as part of weatherization and home repair loan programs. This will get so many things off my "to-do" list and relieve a ton of stress. Right now all the specs are being drawn up and have had a contractor walk-through this week (might need another one, not sure) as well as an energy audit yesterday. Bids are due in by next week and then the loan closing will be scheduled and work begun. Among several other repairs, getting a new roof and the wet, uninsulated basement is going to get fixed!! This is HUGE.

* My poor car took a rock to the windshield last Saturday when Kira and I went to the mall so she could spend some of her Christmas money. There's about an 8-10 inch crack across the driver's side that continues to spread. The windshield people are (supposedly) coming today to fix that. They were originally scheduled for Wednesday, but it has been so cold here--the temperature was below zero on Wednesday--that they had to reschedule. It's about 13° here now, so hopefully that's warm enough. Anyway, while it sucks about the windshield, it's getting fixed and it's not costing as much money as I had originally thought it would, so yay.

* The 'coach' for Kira's school basketball team is not going to get re-hired next year. This is very, very good news. She was HORRIBLE. Fortunately we had some excellent volunteer assistant coaches who actually did all the real coaching for the season. There were three: Max (a friend of Mark's who is also very passionate about basketball), Pete (dad of one of the players who has also been on most of the other teams Kira has played for), and occasionally Mark, when he hasn't had play practice. Max and Pete were there for every practice and every game, thank God.

* Kira's travel team tryouts are this Sunday. She's going to have an EXCELLENT coach, who she's worked with before and likes very much. He's also dad to one of Kira's best friends (who she met through these basketball programs), he coached one of the middle school teams this year, and his older daughter has coached at the high school level. Kira is excited. She was -not- looking forward to playing travel team if she had had to have the same coach as last year. Also, this is going to be a 7th and 8th grade team, so she's going to get to work with some other excellent players, who she'll eventually be playing high school ball with.

* I've been asked to run the website for Kira's travel team. That will be awesome. Also a great way for me to be involved -other- than doing something with fundraising or other stuff that would require a lot of direct interaction with people I don't know. I'm really psyched about this. :D

* Max is running an after-season "clinic" for the kids who are interested in playing for the school teams next year. I'm helping him out with that, too, and Kira's going to be participating whenever it's not a conflict with her travel team. He's not sure how long it'll last, but I'm betting at least a month. First one is on Monday.

* The annual student-staff basketball game is on Wednesday. It's always fun for the kids to do, and Max gets to play for the staff (much protest from his players, as they've tried playing against him in drills). Mark is going to be coaching the students, which is a mix of the boys' and girls' teams. Lots of fun all around.

* Post-op appointment in Portland on Tuesday. Anticipating good results from that, I'm healing quite well.

* A friend saw a pair of basketball earrings that I made and have worn to all of the games this season. She loved them and asked me to make her a pair, that she would pay me for. I gave her the at-cost price and she refused, insisting that she needs to pay me more than that. She also does a lot of craft fairs (she makes the most awesome ornaments) and offered to sell some earrings for me at her table, so I've been designing some earrings (so far I have 15 different designs). Lots of fun, something a little different for me to do. I probably won't make much money at it, but hey, any little bit would just be bonus. I'm going to make her take either a commission or some earrings in exchange for doing that for me. Fun stuff!

So overall, good stuff. *knocking much wood* Again, karma: Not. A. Challenge. ~mk

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