Friday, September 23, 2011

OK, Seriously?? You're Going With -THAT- As An Opener?

Actual opening emails I have gotten from people on the dating website I'm on. Now mind you, this is first-contact, and these are the -entirety- of the email. (spelling/grammar/punctuation as it was in the email)

*if you look up the word gorgeous in the dictionary your pictue is there just sayin

*whats up sexy

*hey hey

*hi (I've gotten this one a whoooole bunch of times)

*Hi, Did you have a good summer?

and the winner so far of the "WTF, Dude, SERIOUSLY, You're Going With That?!" Award is:

*wouldd it be badd if i kiss you alll over nicee and slow then do you reallly goood all night long??you have the cutest cheeks on your face by the wayyo

I just have to shake my head. There is nothing else to do (oh, and blog and poke fun at them). mk

ok, the 'hey hey' guy liked his line so much that 12 hours later (after NOT receiving a response the first time)...he sent it again. oy.

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