Saturday, September 03, 2011

1st Days of School 2011

Well, we've survived the first week of school. Kira loves middle school so far, which does not surprise me, as among other things she has Ro as her teacher. :D Mark likes almost all of his classes, but has decided he wants to drop Spanish 3...I hope he is able to replace it with a 'fluff course' to try to bolster his GPA, along with giving himself a sort of mental-vacation class, where he can just enjoy himself.

Pictures from the first days. (Kira started on Monday, Mark on Tuesday) mk

Pretty girl

Even better when she smiles

Lighting is weird..the shirt is lavender and grey :P

Mark, look up...

Mark, trying to take your picture, here...


You can smile, you know. Oh. Um...

There we go!

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Anonymous said...

Hi mk...

Relaxin' on a Sunday morning, and your blog popped into my head...

Aaahhh, school days! It all went by so fast. My daughter is out of highschool, so all that back-to-school stuff is now 'history'....almost. I start school Tuesday! (job got 'outsourced' to India 6 months ago. Thanks a lot, Dell!)

MK - your kids look like they have grown quite tall!! Does the time seem to be passing by quickly for you, too?

...hope you keep up with the blog; it's interesting to see what the 'girl in Maine' is up too...!