Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Danger: Man Cooking

My boyfriend can't cook. I mean, the man cannot scramble eggs. I know: I've eaten his attempt.

Now, I'm not a fabulous cook myself, but I do a fairly decent job in the kitchen when I want to. The major exception is grilling. I am really not good at grilling. I probably could be a lot better if I tried, but a) I'm afraid of fire and b) yeah, that's about it. I am getting better, I burn the food less badly now, and occasionally even make the kids' steak they way they like it. Mostly. Kinda. Sometimes.

Anyway. He can't cook. He doesn't even try, really, just eats pre-packaged stuff. Now, since he lives in New Hampshire and I only see him once every two weeks for about 24 hours, this is not really a big problem for me.

But it made me start thinking about men and cooking in general. Men seem to fall into one of two categories: either they don't cook at all, or they are really good. I don't know any guys who say they're middle-of-the-road in the kitchen.

Mark took a cooking class a few years ago as part of an after-school program sponsored by a local community group. He loved it. Got his own personalized apron at the end of it and everything. Since then, he hasn't done a lot of major stuff in the kitchen, but he *has* been doing a bit of grilling this summer at camp, and he does a pretty decent job on the hot dogs and hamburgers that have been entrusted to him.

I keep thinking that I should get him more involved in cooking, perhaps have him responsible for a complete meal every once in awhile. Invariably, however, I come up with this idea just as we are entering the hell-schedule of school-and-soccer. Or school-and-basketball. Then, when we actually have *time* to do it, I completely forget.

He's a sophomore in high school. He's got a few years before he'll have his own place and be required to do his own cooking. I'd like him to be a good cook. He seems to enjoy it when he does it. If he's in the mood. If he's not, there is much whining about not waaaaaaaaanting to cook and does he haaaaaaaaave to. (yes. 15. the re-introduction of the whine)

So. Anyone out there know a man who likes to cook (or *is* a man who likes to cook)? When did you start dabbling? What is it that got you interested? Speak up, peeps. Thanks! mk


Anonymous said...

Hi mk -
Nuking pre-packaged stuff is the extent of my 'cooking' abilities..!

Didn't see a reply, but I'll ask again: Were you going to / did you tell your boyfriend about your mental health issues? And, are you still hitting the gym?


markira said...

Hi Paul...

Well, I kinda told him some, I sketched out some of the more noticeable aspects of my stuff that he would be likely to encounter. I'm not sure how far this relationship is going to be able to go because of distance and other factors, so I don't feel at this point I need to overload him with a lot of details.

And I have apparently taken the summer off with the gym, but I intend to get going on it again as soon as school starts and I have kicked this severe cold that is currently whupping my a$$. :)

Thanks for checking in!!!! mk

Beast Mom said...

Probably good you started the reveal. If he's observant (and I don't really picture you with a boulder-for-brain dumb-a$$ type of guy), he's going to start noticing and wondering anyway. How did he take what you said thus far?

On the cooking front, my husband is the only regular guy I know who can REALLY cook. I don't quite know how he got that way except that he's just kept trying to cook better and better. He's not had any formal classes or training - just experimented a lot and has good taste as well as high interest in culinary gadgets. :)


markira said...

BM, he has been really hard to talk to about it so far, actually. He doesn't seem to even be interested in discussing it. Which has led to a downgrade of interest in my me, love my issues, I guess...or at least LISTEN to me.

Cooking, I know a few guys who enjoy it and are really good at it. I'd like to find me one of them someday...I get so TIRED of being the one in charge of everything. sigh. It would be nice to have someone who can (and does) whip up a little something awesome in the kitchen just because. :)