Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Like I Wait For The Last Minute Or Anything....

Hello, my name is markira, and I am a Class A Procrastinator.

I have a guest coming tonight, staying over & spending the day tomorrow. I have known about this for two weeks. Here is today's to-do list, all to get done before 5 (and, by the way, does not count getting myself ready & pretty for him).

*clean out fridge
*empty garbage
*FINISH laundry (about 3 more loads)
*clear dining room table
*clear bar
*clear hutch
*clear dining room floor
*put away skateboards & scooters from deck
*roll up & put away garden hose (currently snaked across pretty much the whole driveway)
*clear desk (a HUGE job in itself)
*clear floor in front of desk
*clear bottom of stairs
*water plants
*dust downstairs
*vacuum downstairs & stairs
*swiffer downstairs
*clean toilet
*clean sink & mirror
*change out towels
*clean bathroom floor
*change sheets in bedroom (he's sleeping in my room, I'm sleeping in Kira's)
*make bed
*put away clothes
*dust upstairs
*vacuum upstairs
*grocery shop
*borrow cooker from camp (for lobsters...yes, I am cooking lobster...for him)

I am an idiot. I will be a wreck before he gets here.

And yet, here I am online. Did I mention I am a Class A Procrastinator & an idiot???? :) mk


Anonymous said...

Hi Mk...!

Fantastic photos of the windjamming time you've spent with your daughter! Especially that sunset.

It's now Monday afternoon, so - how did everything go with your man-friend? :)

MK, I wanted to let you know that I will be in your general area this coming Sun-Mon, 7-25/26. My older brother is coming up from Georgia to Wareham, MA. We're doing a small motorcycle-touring thing. We're bringing our bikes up to Rockland early Sunday morning. We will be checking out the town, then riding up to Belfast, where we'll stay overnite. Then we'll ride to the Acadia area in the morning. While in Rockland, I'm going to see if we can find your friends' schooner. If she's there, I'll say hello!

MK, I know you don't know me from a hole-in-the-wall (or my brother!), but it would be cool to meet and say hello to you....if you were in the area. I was gonna leave a cell-phone number for you, but, that's not a good idea to do in a bloq, right? Well, I could email you a number, too -- but, again, more personal info...right? (Maybe we could meet on top of the Empire State Building, on Valentine's day....wait, that's a move!) If your friend, Brenda, was in port with her boat, I could say hello to you there....? I imagine she'd be out sailing though, right?

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw the news out at you. I totally "get it" if you're a little spooked/freaked out. If you can think of a way that we could say hi to eachother that would make you feel safe (where's the Rockland Police Station?!:) - let me know. We were going to stay at the place I was at a few years ago (Ledges by the Bay), but my brother really wanted to get way up the coastline. His name, by the way, is Roger(!)

Hope to hear from you either way!

Paul in West Wareham!

Anonymous said...

PS - I could just give you my email address. Also, we'll be coming back down through Rockland when we leave on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hey mk - I don't see you responding to the entries above....hope I didn't freak you out!! Well, our plans got changed.....We arrived here in Belfast today, monday. My brother, his daughter Liz, my daughter Katie, and our neice Savannah. We arrived too late in the day to do the Acadia ride, and the girls were tired. We took a spin to your friend Brenda's schooner -- she's out till later in the week? Oh well... We are going to ride up to Acadia tommorrow morning, and then head back home thru route 1 again. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet you, maybe in the future!! If you are around the Rockland area tommorrow, near the schooner, look for 2 motorcycles and a green truck!! Okay - take care.

Paul from Wareham.

markira said...

Hi Paul...sorry I didn't meet up with you while you were in Rockland...I got caught up in a bunch of other stuff going on here. And yes, meeting new people, even someone I consider a blog-friend, made me a bit nervous. Perhaps the next time you are up I'll be braver.

I hope you enjoyed your trip!! mk