Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pick Me!

Kira came home from school today with red writing all over the palm of her hand. Before I could get a picture, it got washed off, so I can't show you how cute it was, but...

What she had done was draw a big heart in the middle of her palm and then both above and below it she wrote "Pick me! Please"

She did this so that when she raised her hand in class her teacher would see it and hopefully pick her.

She said it didn't work. :) mk


Beast Mom said...

Did the teacher at least LAUGH? I thought this was hilarious. :)


P.S. guinea pigs are smelly.

markira said...

Kira said her teacher didn't even see it. That's too bad, I thought it was adorable and I'm sure her teacher would have, too. :)

p.s. They *are* smelly!