Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pet Petition

This is the email from my daughter to my dad (copied and pasted, font sizes and all):

Wish me luck! I am going to beg mom for a pet. So I need to come up with a convincing speech that will got mom's attention. I really want one but it seems like my speeches have not been very good at telling her that. I need to speak from the heart and really let her know what I want. I want a pet, not even a pet, a friend, someone who can play with me and I can care for. I want someone to make me laugh and keep me company.
I have to go know. See you later. bye

This is the email from Kira to me. Subject line: Important buisness:

Dear Ms. (markira's last name),
I would like to request a pet. I shall pay for it all (including the supplies), and take care of it. To earn one I shall do the chores for two months, clean my room and keep it clean. When I got to my father's house I will pay you to feed it. I will pay you $0.25 each time you feed it. I will vacoume my room once a week, and put newpapers on the floor when i take it out of its cage. I will do anything for a pet. If you can think of anything else I will be glad to here.
from your dear daughter,
Kira (markira's last name)

Attached was a Word document that consisted of two pictures of guinea pigs and the word


...and this is my response to my dad about Kira's letter.....

she just rips my heart up sometimes, y'know? still not getting a pet.


Capt. Brenda said...


Of course every kid goes through the same argument of "I'll pay for, it, I'll clean up after it, I'll feed it, I'll..., I'll..." I'm assuming your resistance is because you know who really will end up taking care of it.

In support of Kira though, aren't guinea pigs pretty low maintenance? (Sorry.)

markira said...

"Relatively" low maintenance, but still more than I want to deal with. Plus, they're smelly. My sister had one when we were growing up. Actually, she had one that had BABIES, so for awhile there were three.

She says she's close to getting X to get one over there. So I will be off the hook. :)

I joked & said, "But I got you SEVEN Zhu Zhus...aren't those 'pets?'" :D