Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slim Goodbody Ruffled My Hair

One of Kira's soccer coaches is Slim Goodbody. Yes. The real, actual Slim Goodbody. (If you don't remember who Slim Goodbody is, check out the links. If you still don't remember, or never liked him, none of the rest of this is going to be nearly as interesting for you. Also, you are dead to me.)

Growing up, I LOVED Slim Goodbody. He was so cool. I like knowing how things work, and to know how the insides of us worked, that was totally awesome. Yeah, it was a bit weird seeing him in the suit, but I so got past it.

I've kinda known in the back of my mind that Slim Goodbody lived around this area, but it wasn't until I got an email from "Coach John", with a return email address at, that I realized that SLIM GOODBODY was one of Kira's coaches!!!!! I seriously geeked out. I was that excited.

Since then I've kinda just watched him from across the field, while my friend Michelle teases me about "my hero." I wanted to talk to him, but couldn't get it together enough to do it.

Until tonight!

During the soccer game, Michelle's older daughter mentioned how she wanted to go look at his hand. Apparently, this summer, John cut off the tip of one finger and part of another, reaching into his lawnmower to clear a clump of grass WHILE IT WAS STILL GOING. (I asked later, "And you did that because...?" and he replied: "I'm an idiot.")

So anyway, being the science geek that I am, and also the Goodbody fan, I took her over to see him, introduced myself (by name and by reference as Kira's mom), and told him she wanted to see his hand. We checked it out, it's healing quite nicely, he says it feels like he has balloons attached to the tips of his fingers. Quite a crowd of the kids gathered to check it out, too. He was awesome about explaining everything to them (he does have a LOT of experience), and it was great for them to have a chance to check out something like this without being scared or worried about asking questions.

After he was done and the kids wandered away, I got my guts up and told him that when I found out that one of Kira's coaches was Slim Goodbody, I was very excited. He was so pleased and touched that I said so. I explained that I just thought he was so cool when I was growing up. He had a big smile and gave me a one-armed hug around my shoulders and ruffled my hair. I felt about six. It was pretty damn awesome, really. I think I giggled.

He said he'd have to bring me something next time, but that may or may not happen, and I don't really care. I'm just thrilled that I got to meet someone like that, who had such a strong positive impact on my childhood. He was also *very* complimentary about Kira and her soccer skills, and how she had been held up to the team as an example of playing her position perfectly in the game tonight. Which of course earned him even bigger points with me, praising my child. :)

SLIM GOODBODY, y'all! Man, now if I can just meet Bill Nye the Science Guy....and Mr. Wizard (yes, I know he died)...and holy cow the Mythbusters! I swear, if I had them all in the same room, I would just freak out. sigh. I am such a mega-geek. mk


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! :)

markira said...

Yeah, I thought so. :D

The Beast Mom said...
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markira said...

BM, I deleted your comment 'cause it had my real name in it. :)