Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah)

Mark went to his first high school dance last night. It was a "Welcome Back" dance. He was pretty psyched about it, was looking forward to getting to see his friends, asking a few girls to dance, just generally jumping in to the whole high school social scene.

Apparently the dance did not live up to his expectations. There was ONE slow song. ONE. And then he was too intimidated to ask the girl he kinda had an eye on, to dance.

He did do the fast dancing, I guess. He said, "Kinda." Whatever that means in teenspeak.

Well, he'll have another chance next will be HOMECOMING. Seriously, eek. I am freaking that my son (MY SON!!!) is doing all this high school stuff that I clearly remember doing. Bizarre. Or, as Chic would say: YOWSAH, YOWSAH, YOWSAH. mk

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