Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking a Brake

Today I replaced the front brake pads and rotors on my parents' van. Meaning, **I** replaced them. My friend Steve (who is an absolute wizard with anything mechanical) taught me how to do it, but I did the labor.

I loosened the lug nuts, jacked the van, took the lug nuts off, took off the tire, compressed the piston, removed the caliper, the brake pads, the rotor, put on the new brake pads & rotor, reinstalled the caliper, put the tire back on, put the lug nuts back on, lowered the van, and torqued the lug nuts.

I get an incredible kick out of learning how to do things like that. Even if I never replace another set of brakes ever, I now *own* this information, this knowledge of how to do it, and that I *can* do it. It's a wicked rush for me.

Wonder what I'm gonna do cool tomorrow. mk


Anonymous said...

Hi mk...

Wow, pretty cool; I am impressed at your technical skills. Car maintenance/repair is not something I'd be comfortable trying (I just drive 'em!)

Glad to see that you have not totally given up on this blog of yours....thought it was 'closed' or something.

Really liked your hiking pictures! It is beautiful up there. Definitely want to go back again.

Hope to see/read more stuff...anything new/different with your children..?


markira said...

Hi Paul! I'm glad you haven't given up on checking in! Yes, I had a long hiatus, the end of the school year was crazy and I needed some recovery time. Hopefully I'll get myself back into some sort of regular entries...I've missed RoN.

Lots with kids, keep an eye out for more posts.


Capt. Brenda said...

Again...so proud of you! You rock!

markira said...

Bren, I'm proud of you, too...you are amazing, woman!!!!