Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dig It

I got a laptop a couple of weeks ago for my birthday (I'm on it now, in fact). My friend Steve gave it to me. Now, ordinarily there is NO WAY I would accept a gift that extravagant, but there were some extenuating circumstances that made this okay.

First, it's not a brand-new laptop. (although it *is* kick-ass. HP pavilion zd7000, originally sold for $2600!!!) He got it by barter.

The barter is the especially cool part. He got the laptop in exchange for servicing the guy's LBT (loader-tractor-backhoe) and his excavator. WHICH he taught me how to do. And how to operate both.

So, I got to change the oil, the oil and fuel filters, and grease the pivot points on both of those (got totally filthy of course). On the excavator, we also had to check the track tension, which meant that I had to pivot the cab 90 degrees, then lower the bucket to the ground and continue to push it down so that it lifted the entire excavator (with me in it!) off the ground on that side. Lower, then rotate around to the other side and do it again. THEN, I got to drive it up the hill a-ways and play with it for awhile, digging holes.

It was a TOTAL COMPLETE BLAST. I had *so* much fun!!!!! (yes, my idea of fun is odd)

And hey, we have video. My favorite:

OK, that's not my favorite. I'll switch it out later. :) mk


Anonymous said...

Hey there.....'Bob the Builder'! I guess the girls in Maine don't mess around, huh? What's next, you on a Caterpillar!? You really seem to be a self-sufficient woman, mk. I guess you've had to be, right? Will be looking for more footage of you and your 'toys'...(I'm thinking Mack truck next)!!


markira said...

hahaha, Paul...actually, I'm a little unusual even for a Maine girl. :)

Don't tempt me on the Mack truck...not a bad idea to go for my class B license....hmmmmm.....