Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Monday: Kitchen Counter Edition

Ari at Beyond My Slab is hosting this week's Fun Monday.

Topic: It's time for show and tell. What does your kitchen counter look like right now? (And no fair cleaning just for the picture!) Do you have any favorite or unusual items on your counter?

OK, so having no idea what my counter would look like this morning, since I haven't been in the kitchen today but both of my children have, off I went with the camera. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not a complete horror show, although still a bit messy.

Let's see...the popcorn popper is still out from yesterday, along with a bag of yellow popcorn. We have the rows of canisters and jars that edge the counter all the time, because I don't have nearly enough cupboard room. (containing, back row, left to right: nothing, sugar, flour, spaghetti, tri-color rotini, trail mix, nothing, ancient candy canes, splenda packs, individual water flavor packs, homemade pickles from Mom, Atkins bars [from the last time I was on Atkins, probably a year ago or longer], cookie jar filled with saltines. Front row, butter dish, pumpkin-shaped glass jar with dried fruit) There's a box of whole-wheat croutons from dinner on um, yeah, Friday, when I made breading for homemade chicken strips. The cinnamon-sugar shaker is out, along with a clothespin that probably held a bag of pretzels closed, and one of the pairs of kitchen scissors, which neither child is ever capable of putting back. A toaster. Leaning against the refrigerator, a glass cutting board.

Not technically on the counter, but there are also overripe bananas that I was going to make banana bread with today, but we're out of milk. And two dried floral arrangements from my friend Brenda's wedding last May. Between the counter and the overbright window there is a battery charger for my Black n Decker tools.

So there ya go. Not particular exciting. I'm not showing you the other counter, which is stacked with dirty dishes that apparently cannot be put in the dishwasher located *directly under that counter*.

So, now I've successfully wasted another twenty minutes or so, instead of tackling the laundry. Sigh. And now also cleaning the counter. mk


The Beast Mom said...

You know, this pic would make a great American realism painting.


P.S. It's like a childhood disease to not be able to put scissors away.

Anonymous said...

I love these kinds of posts. :)