Friday, November 16, 2007

I Hate My Clothes

I'm going for dinner and a movie with a friend tomorrow night (he's cooking) and I have an outfit planned (not much of an outfit, but it's not sweats), but it was a very painful process. I have no freakin' clothes. I am SUCH a soccer mom. (excuse me; a basketball mom.) I don't even own any nice jeans.

I need to put together a better wardrobe; one that has all the basics for everyday casual wear (read: when I don't leave my house), as well as a variety of adaptable stuff for various occasions from school events to evenings out with friends to even a fairly dressy thing or two. I *used* to have all that stuff (well, barring the school events...this was a million years ago, before I was a mom). When the hell did I become so completely fashion-unconscious? I am SO out of it.

Problems in my way: budget. And, um...budget. And did I mention budget? Also, size is an issue. I am currently about a 16 (on a good day....grrrrr), and also have short legs. There is not a lot out there that doesn't make me look like I am draped in a roll of fabric.

SO. Not much I can do before tomorrow, but I am on the lookout for some new clothes that are fairly flattering and make me look like I know what year it is, and also that are not so expensive that I can afford one sock.

sigh. Must research. mk

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