Monday, March 10, 2014

Blinded by the Bright

Sometimes I think that Kira chooses her clothing just to see if she can blind me while I'm doing laundry.

Tossed in a load of white-and-lights yesterday. Naturally forgot what was in there, because my brain is nothing but a big stress-fog these days. Just a bit ago, I went to switch over stuff from washer to dryer etc, and I'm pulling out item by item. Beige tank top; grey top; salmon, pink & grey plaid shirt; light green top, beige bra, another beige bra, white towel, white sweatshirt, and then THIS came at me:

Let me assure you, there is no way to really see how BRIGHT this shirt is. It is NEON pink, with NEON orange hearts. It literally hurt my eyes to look at. I am still seeing after-images. I think my camera must come with some kind of protective filter, because in the photo it's not all that bad.

This, mind you, is Kira's idea of "toning down" her colorful wardrobe. Uh huh. Toned down. Right. ~mk

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