Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toilet Paper Ghost

So. My kids are at their dad's for the weekend, I'm the only one in the house, and I considered watching a couple of scary movies this afternoon.

I am so glad I did not.

Just a little while ago, I went upstairs to the bathroom. Got in there, closed the door, turned towards the toilet.

The toilet paper was gone.

Not just used up. GONE. The entire roll was missing. Now, I have a toilet paper holder that looks something like this, so occasionally one of the kids knocks it off and it's on the floor. Doesn't usually happen to me, and I'd been in the bathroom oh, several times today, and didn't remember knocking it off, but hey, it happens.

It wasn't on the floor.

I looked all over the bathroom floor (my bathroom is about 6' x 5' maybe, including the shower). Twice. Looked in the cabinet under the sink. Looked in the trash, which Kira recently moved to the cabinet under the sink. Looked in the shower stall (don't ask me why). Nowhere. Finally I got another roll and put it on the holder and took care of business.

After, I looked all around the bathroom AGAIN. Still nothing. Not even an empty roll in the trash. Just..gone.

I open the bathroom door to go back downstairs, and just outside the door, where I would have walked past it on my way in, was the toilet paper roll. Standing upright.

In an extremely unlikely scenario, it could have fallen off the holder and maybe somehow rolled away. But there is no way I can think of that the thing would have rolled away from the holder, around the corner through the doorway into the hall, backwards to be just out of the way of the door, and then turned itself upright. And then have me not see the WHITE roll in the hallway right next to the window.

Freakiness. Now I've got all the lights on in the hallway upstairs, and my bedroom, and the bathroom. And I am damning my overactive imagination and the movies Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2.

Gahhhh. mk


Anonymous said...

MK - So glad to see that your 'back'! I had stopped checking for posts a LONG time ago. I do not know what made 'markira' pop into my head today.... Really dig the new (to me) color scheme, too.

Sounds like you've been through much change in the last couple of months. Me too. Made a quick daytrip to Portland a few weeks ago, I liked it there.

Will check back for more of your 'stuff' from time-to-time. Welcome back!


PS-Saw the Lovely-Bones movie with my daughter; not enuff car chases and explosions for my taste(!) Have you ever seen "The Fall"?

markira said...

Paul..good to hear from you! I only changed the color scheme recently, so it's new to me, too. :)

I have not seen the movie for The Lovely Bones, or the movie The Fall. Do you recommend it? mk

Anonymous said...

Yes, please try to see The Fall with your daughter. Incredibly visual, and weird-in-a-good-way. My daughter Katie actually ended up getting it on blue-ray. She likes the 'weird' visual stuff, like 'Mirror-Mask'--that was a tough one to sit thru, verrry long. But The Fall is just a good story....give it time to pick up in the beginning.