Saturday, September 11, 2010

Incredibly, Insanely Bored

And so I am blogging.

It is just after 10pm and I just realized that the only thing I have had to eat today was some Cheez-Its. So I found the need to go out in the kitchen and look at the Cheez-Its. Which were just about gone, even though Mark just opened the box today. And so I put the rest of them in a bowl because I was pretty much like "what the hell" and then to wash them down I got the Mike's Classic Margarita (raspberry) that didn't fit in the six-pack holder when I combined the partially empty lime and raspberry six-packs earlier today, and so it was sitting alone by itself on a shelf. Now I feel better that I do not have leftover Mike's Margaritas just floating around the fridge but a little odd because there is now just one lone raspberry surrounded by five limes and so I might have to drink that one, too.

And people? I had not even OPENED the drink when all that went through my head. That's just my normal brain-talk.

So, my boyfriend (yes, I am referring to him as my boyfriend now) just texted me with "what r u doing" and I answered "blogging" and he said "about what" and I said "right now, cheez-its and margaritas. this is one of my dump-out-whatever-crosses-your-brain posts." My god, I think he is gonna meet the crazy. Wow.

When we first got together he told me he intended to make me fall in love with him. (freakout alert!!!!) So like yesterday or something when he asked me what I was doing I said I was wondering if he had fallen in love with me yet. It took him an HOUR to respond & what he said was "that's a scary word." hahahahahaha EXACTLY. So I reminded him what he had said to me and he said it was very sneaky of me to get him like that. Well played, markira, said I to myself. :) So I am less nervous now about the whole thing, oddly enough.

He was supposed to come up tonight but his son has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow at 8am (WTF, who schedules a soccer game at 8am on a Sunday????), so naturally he can't make it. Which kinda sucks, but is also a little okay because I've been running around all week and now I'm just vegging, which is kinda nice.

Damn. I have two Cheez-Its left. I suppose I may have to eat something that has nutritional value. 'Cause I can't drink without food without feeling sick and I am now in the mood to consume some alcohol. And plus I can't leave that lonely little raspberry Mike's Margarita in the fridge. It's probably feeling really awkward surrounded by all the lime guys.

OK, I think I'm gonna at least change into pjs. Don't go anywhere.

I'm back. Thanks for waiting. :)

OH. I dreamed last night that Kira started her period. So now I'm all paranoid that I was having some sort of precognitive dream or something, so I wanted to make sure I put this down BEFOREHAND because you know how many times you get the deja-vu thing and think you probably dreamed of it or something and people are all "uh huh, sure." So now this is DOCUMENTED. Because of course I have NO idea how to go back and edit the post dates or put in additional stuff later in a post. Of course not. Right.

OR, my body could have totally been faking me out just before it sprung another one of these ill-timed off-cycle bleeding sessions that just showed up. I am SO ready for those to stop. Man, I'm almost hoping for a freaking cyst or fibroid or something that they can FIX so this will cut it out (sorry, Paul, I know I should have given you a heads-up before those last two paragraphs, but even if I had, I know you would have read them anyway, so I didn't).

I'm going sailing in a little less than two weeks!! Brenda invited me on the Captain's Birthday cruise, which I am really psyched for. I've never been on the schooner in September, I think it's gonna totally rock, and plus I'll be with one of my favorite people in the whole world (awwwww).

I think I'll go get that other drink now.

Does anyone else have a problem when they have an odd number of drinks left in the six-pack? Cause now I have five drinks in there, and it is bothering me. I may have to fix that. After this one.

And yeah, didn't end up with anything even vaguely healthy to eat with. Instead, I looked at my counter and saw the mostly-empty bag of Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn ****

****OK, why the FUCK does "paste" not show up as an option when I copy links anymore?? This has happened the last few times I've tried it (not just here on the blog, either) and it is REALLY STARTING TO IRRITATE ME.

Anyway. Popcorn. That stuff is awesome. It rocks. I'd put a link but it's more work than just telling you to Google it.

So anyway. I put the rest of it in a bowl. It's slightly stale, because I ate most of the bag and then hit my "I won't eat anymore because then it will be gone" stage and started hoarding it. Which, yeah, is bizarre, but I do it a lot and that is why there are fifteen partially-eaten bags of potato chips on top of my fridge.

OK, I'm getting a little paranoid 'cause my boyfriend has not texted back since I told him about the blogging (but have not given him the blog name) and so I checked my sitemeter to see if maybe he had found it somehow. Apparently he hasn't, but I *did* find out that my average hits have gone up to 19 a day, with 12 today! Now, I know that's not a big deal or anything, but considering this is the AVERAGE and I go MONTHS at a time without writing, I think that's still pretty good. You know. For me. It's not Bloggess-league, but I'll take it. Especially since I'm not really writing this stuff for anyone but me (I love you guys who are reading this, but sorry, you're all just a bonus).

I'd be in bed right now but I had some caffeine cause I thought I was gonna hang out with a friend tonight and then she bailed and so now I'm all wired up for nothing. Lucky you, guys.

OK, I'm even boring myself now, so I think I'm gonna wrap it up. And I don't want to finish this drink OR this popcorn (no, I have no idea what is wrong with me), so I think I'm gonna go put away and go to bed, even though I'm not tired. Maybe I'll fall asleep anyway.

Lately when I've been falling asleep, it has been FAST asleep. Like, not waking up when the phone rings right next to me, kind of sleep. That has never happened in my entire life, I have always been a very light sleeper. I think it's awesome and I totally thank the drugs for the Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. Although I'm still tired during the day. But that may be a combination of other factors, like the depression, the Vit D deficiency, my general biochemical makeup, etc etc.

So. Everyone have a good night, talk to you all later, yeah? mk

oh, and yeah, on the Kira/period thing? I am soooo expecting that to happen literally any day now. To the point that the poor girl can't say she has a stomach ache or cramp (from sports) without my first thought being "PERIOD!!" She has gotten to the point that she sees my face and before I even open my mouth she says, "No. I checked." None of the other girls in her class have started (that I am aware of), but Kira appears to be a bit more, um, physically ready than they are. (yes, I mean the bra thing. shut up.)

OK. I neeeeeed to go to bed and shut the hell up. good night. If you see me approaching the keyboard again tonight, throw yourself in front of me. :P
Which would be a damn good trick, really, considering you can't actually SEE me....can you? Crap, now I'm gonna dream about the CIA or ninjas or something. mk


Beast Mom said...

Well of course you had to rescue Raspberry from Lime Gang. Sort of like how Smurfette should never have lived in a village with only smurfs.

I didn't buy my kids new clothes for school either.

I am eating chocolate.

May I have the exact circumference of your wrist? It's important.


markira said...

It *was* incredibly bizarre that there was an entire village populated with male smurfs, and ONE smurfette. Wrong. Just wrong.

SO glad I'm not the only mom who didn't do school-clothes shopping!

Now I want to eat chocolate. :P

My wrist is 6.25 inches.

I am off to hunt for chocolate. :D

Beast Mom said...

Thank you.

Thanks for being weird.

I like weird.


markira said...

You're welcome.

I like weird, too. I like BEING weird, and I love my weird friends.

A trip to Washington state is still on my to-do list, and when I get there I am going to try very hard to freak out your kids at least once, just for the experience. :D

Beast Mom said...

Well that shouldn't be too hard. They're still young and impressionable and all that. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, "Ms. mk"....

At last, you've finally figured it out.....I am a Ninja, who does indeed work for the CIA! That's why your dreaming 'bout me. And yes, I CAN see you (nice footy-pajamas, ya got there.....are those bunnies??). You are clever.

It's really interesting that your boyfriend took a while to answer you about the "L" question. Too bad you guys were only texting....I would've liked to have read your description of the look on his face, if he had been standing there with you. He's right about one is a scary word.

Enjoy your cruise...hope you can post more of your sunrise/sunset photos.

Signed - Paul (one of your 'bonus' readers!)

markira said...

hahahahaha Paul, I KNEW you were a CIA ninja! And no, those are not bunnies. They are frogs. :P

I'm not surprised it took him an hour...I totally knew I would be freaking him out, it's why I did know, that evil streak that all my friends seem to love. :D And yeah, it's a very scary word, that I haven't said about or to a non-related guy in over 8 years. Perhaps never again.

I hope I can post more sunrise/sunset pics too! At the very least there will be boat pics. mk