Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shake Your Booty

Went to a dance last night at a local community center. They have dances fairly regularly, sometimes it's a band, sometimes it's a DJ. Last night it was DJ'ed, and he was spinning 80's music. Yeah! What's particularly funny is that this coming Friday I am chaperoning a dance at the school, and *it* will be 80's also! Very funny. Which reminds me that I need to take Mark and Eddie to Goodwill sometime this week, they want to find clothes to go as Bon Jovi. I have no idea how they think they're going to get 80's rock-band hair. At least not Eddie. His is super-short. Mark, I can work my magic with teasing and hairspray. I am goooooood at 80's hair.

Anyway. MY dance. I almost had decided not to go, because I wasn't sure who was going to be there and if it would be anyone I would be really comfortable with. I had all but talked myself into a nice boring evening at home when Ro called and said she'd go if I would. Hurray! So she met me here and we went over together. I let her borrow a T-shirt I have (that is just a bit too tight for me to have worn myself) that had a Rubik's cube on the front and said "Pure genius." My only real 80's contribution to my own wardrobe was lots of blue eyeshadow. I don't even have a haircut that I could 80's up, and no acid-washed jeans that fit. (sad that I can add "that fit." I shouldn't even have them anywhere at all. Why am I storing them? Probably because they are proof positive that at one point in my life I really did have a tiny little waist and ass. Sigh.)

The dance was funny. There were only about 30 people there total. The last one I went to there was a live band and it was pretty packed. But, about half of the people there were in "our" group. So it was kinda cool that way. And oh, we danced.

Some of the interesting things that I remember:

* waiting outside the bathrooms with Ro for one to open up and having Doug come out and ask where the guy was who had been waiting when he went in. I looked at him in all seriousness and said, "We ate him."

* At the end of the dance, when the music stopped, people started chanting "One more song! One more song!" and the DJ did. And Ro went out and for some reason started stripping shoes from people and making a big pile of them. And when Erin grabbed her boots and went to put them back on, she put them on backwards. So Ro tried to help her and just kept jamming the backwards boot on. And Erin didn't stop her.

* Ro wanted to go out for some air (hot work, dancing), and we were next to the bathrooms/door leading outside, and "Thriller" came on, and I yelled "I love this song!" and took off back to the dance floor. Not realizing that the door that she had just gone out automatically locked itself, and she was in the fenced-in playground. She had to hop the fence and come around the building to get back in.

* Ro loving me enough to tell me that my face and hair looked like shit and I needed to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW to fix it. Bless her, she was right. I was a wreck. And I repaid her with the event listed above.

* Of the dozen or so people in our group, it happened that one of the people I knew had brought a friend, and it turned out to be a girl I went to high school with. Who is Peter's cousin. Funny!

* The only unattached guy who was there turned out to be married and "separated" from his wife but they are still living together. And several of the women there kept trying to hook me up with this guy. Um, people. HE'S MARRIED.

* The Electric Slide. I still got it, baby.

* Michelle wearing the band shirt from the last event I went to there. It was really hot and crowded that time and I dressed in a cute little outfit that had too many layers and no way to strip any off, so I ended up buying a band shirt so I could wear something cooler.

* Krista and Kristen doing this great line-dance thing that I would not be able to do on my best day because it required too much coordination. But it looked hot.

* Linda and her mini-mini. And hearing that she did a test before leaving the house where she bent over & asked her husband if he could see her underwear. And then she put black leggings on under it anyway.

* The look on Doug's face when he went to call for a cab home and they were closed. Before midnight. On a Saturday night. (I gave them a ride home...I had stopped drinking two hours before that.) Funnier is that he and Erin used to *own* that taxi company.

* Not being the first person to say that my feet hurt! (although mine did too) And not having them hurt today! (although the knees? yeah, a bit creaky)

* The "single" guy and I talking and finding out we knew some mutual people, and one of the mutual friend's brothers were horrible people and when (Mark? was that his name?) said "guess where I ran into Scott" I half-jokingly said, "Prison?" and it was!! (Mark? was not *in* prison, his company hired some of the people who were allowed work-release)

* Knowing all the words to almost every song they played for four hours. That was awesome.

SO. I had a good night, plan to do stuff like this more often. Linda says there's another dance coming up after-hours in this new cafe, on the 23rd, so I'll see about that.

Rock on! mk


Anonymous said...

Bottom line: best time I've had so far in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I have your shirt, though I am tempted never to return it. Don't worry, I didn't put it in the dryer.