Sunday, October 12, 2008

Facebook is killing my blog

Not really, but it sounded like a great title. And truthfully, I have checked Facebook every day and updated my status and checked everyone else's, but I haven't even looked at my blog feeder in ages and now I have like 1000 entries to catch up on. Ain't gonna happen.

So, here's just a little catch-you-up, and hopefully I'll be better.

The Wellbutrin doesn't seem to be helping. I have another appointment on Wednesday, and we'll probably bump up the dosage. I had such high hopes for this, I will be so disappointed if it doesn't work. But at least I have someone who is actively working with me on this.

I had more blood tests, this latest one to check my cholesterol, which turns out to be high. Dammit. Now I'm working on changing my eating habits. It's hard. Add to that, I have completely stopped consuming any alcohol at all, and I'm being much better to my body. Am impatiently awaiting results.

Mark's soccer team has done an outstanding job, and ended the season undefeated (three ties and five wins, including against the team that had won all seven of their other games). Playoffs start Tuesday. We're playing a team that has been taught to cheat. That bothers me a lot. They cheat at ALL the sports they play. How horrible.

Mark has done a great job as goalie. He's had two shutouts, and the other five games, let in a total of 7 goals. He's averaging about 9 saves per game. One game he made 16, another 15. (yes, I'm keeping track) He has improved so much since last year, and he's much more confident and focussed. I love it. I still do my "goalie groupie" thing, where I set up my chair down by the goal to watch the game, and when they switch sides at the half, I move my chair down to the other end. Hey, I'm there to watch him, right? If I'm in the middle, I don't get as good a view of his action.

Kira has done very well in her first year of soccer. She has scored three goals. She's very aggressive and rather skilled, one of the top players on her team. She's enjoying herself immensely, too, which is of course the most important thing. She has her last regular game on Tuesday, then they have the "tournament" on Saturday, where every team plays every other team for a fifteen-minute game. Interestingly enough, the busline championship game is also on Saturday. If Mark's team makes it, there will be a major conflict for me. I have already decided that I would go to Mark's, because it would be his last soccer game in middle school, and would also determine whether there would be a banner hanging in the gym, which Mark reeeeeeeeally wants. He said he'd love to have one for soccer and another for basketball, in his eighth grade year. That *would* be pretty nice.

Basketball starts next week. Mark is psyched. It's his favorite sport. Kira is also playing, on a 3rd/4th grade team for the Y. She's happy, too.

Um. I know there's more, but I'm pretty wiped out. Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed. Major headache. Today it's still lurking, giving little warning pokes every now and then. I had originally planned to do the weekly shopping today since tomorrow the kids have the day off from school. I was also going to work on Kira's Halloween costume. I don't think either of those is going to happen. I think I am going to have a silent day, after I take a little something for this headache, which is actually getting worse even as I type. Dammit. mk


Anonymous said...

How do they cheat? I have been involved with youth sports for many years and have seen coaches that are unsportsmanlike and borderline unethical, but have not really witnessed any outright cheating.

The Beast Mom said...

I've seen cheating.

And it's very often the same coaches/favored teams they recruit that justify it (along with VERY bad sportsmanship, trash talking, and clearly edgy/unethical behavior that if kept to a reasonable level is merely competeitive, but taken too far over communally understood edges can be classified as cheating.)

An ex on the ADULT COACH level is that in our league, the draft is supposedly "blind". But it's really not. Certain coaches pull strings to get the best kids on their teams. And keep out other kids. I've seen it happen. I've heard actual words come out of coaches' mouths that the rules aren't really the rules for EVERYONE and they'll just bend them a bit "just this once". That's bullcrap. And unfair. And should be called what it is: cheating.

It's sad. It's not only during team-formation or even the actual game. I've even seen cheating in the post-game just-for-fun base running relay that our kids do after games. Cheater teams even allow it during times that don't matter, leaving a foul taste to the very end. (And by cheating in the relay I mean little things like sending a runner who hasn't been tagged yet, telling kids to run far inside the baseline and that it's ok to not hit the bag in order to get around faster, etc. These are BAD habits for baseball- ones that should NOT be allowed nor counted for scores in games or in relay victories. But cheater coaches who are compelled to gain every freakin' advantage seem to feel just fine in justifying/overlooking/coaching like this. I think it's not only bad sportsmanship but outright cheating. Cheating is so often about the little things...not major blatant crimes. It's trying to gain advantage in small, wrong ways that hopefully won't be noticed. That's classic CHEATING.


Anonymous said...

You're right - I HAVE seen it in the draft. I was thinking more of on-the-field cheating. And I have seen that too - coaches skirting the minimum playing requirements. I have also seen grown men get right in the face of 13 year old umpires and swear at them. I have seen parents screaming at high school referees at a 3rd grade basketball game in an instructional league. It's said that if you want to know someone's character, to play golf with them. If they cheat on the golf course - they're likely to cheat in life as well.

Anonymous said...
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