Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Progress of a Vodka Evening

Thought it might be interesting to do a free-association type of thing, whereby I just kinda type random things that pop into my head as I progress further and further into the vodka bottle.

7:45ish First very-large drink: As I am watching Friends and reading a Marion Keyes book: I am wondering if things would have been different if I had ever shared an apartment with friends, rather than just jump directly from college to a live-in/marriage (well, with a small side staying-with-my-parents/move to Alaska for a month/live-back-with-my-parents thing). Anyway. I never really had any single independence time. I think I might miss it.

Need to refill drink. And bowl of crackers.

Dammit. I just broke a cookie and crumbs have gone all down the front of my tank top. I am all crumb-y. It itches.

Some of the girls on America's Next Top Model have absolutely no breasts. Seriously, my 8-year-old DAUGHTER is more developed than they are. And I think I would be totally grossed out to see some of these girls naked. No ass AT ALL. C'mon, THIS is fashion's physical ideal? Are you kidding me????

How have I managed to go through the entire day without noticing that one of the kids pulled a fake plant halfway out into the middle of the living room? And do I need to know what they were doing behind the TV?

Is anybody else worried about this Gardasil stuff? I mean, Kira's coming up on 9, the minimum age to receive the vaccine. Do we know what possible long-term effects there are for this?? I'm very nervous about it.

I need more vodka.

9:00ish It's not looking like more vodka will happen. Feeling a bit queasy, and am very tired. Not a good combination with alcohol. I think I'm gonna end up going to bed early. Damn. I was kind of hoping for a drunk-blog. Freak. Maybe another time. damndamndamn mk

p.s. Is it just pathetic that I have no real tolerance for alcohol right now? Is it a good thing? Am I just getting old? Is there any way that I could spell alcohol right the first time that I type it? (instead of "alchohol") I need a real life.

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Anonymous said...

wow, totally anticlimatic!!!!!!!!!! (yes, i know that i didn't spell that right) -THIS IS RO, BLOGGER WON'T TAKE MY PASSWORD FOR SOME ODD REASON