Thursday, July 07, 2011

Baby Chucky

OK, in yet another example of how twisted the senses of humor are in our family...
Went to my parents' house to visit a few weeks ago, and sitting on the recliner was this lit
tle baby doll. The thing had white hair and a sewn-on face, but I swear, it looked like a baby Chucky. My parents had bought it at a yard sale thinking the same thing and hoping to freak me out (can you feel the love, people?). Well, Chucky doesn't freak me out (not to say I want to cuddle him tight while I sleep, mind you), but dolls -do- freak Mark out. bwahahahahahaha (can you see where this is headed?)

SO. I brought the doll home, originally intending to dye its hair red and make him a little pair of overalls. Well, as it turned out, I didn't get to that. Further, turns out I didn't need to. :D

One night Mark and I were sitting up late talking and I remembered Baby Chucky, who was still in a bag in the car. I went out to get him, brought him back behind my back, and had Mark close his eyes. Then when he opened his eyes, Baby Chucky was about a foot from his face.

He was all "UGH!" and freaked out a bit. He grabbed the doll and chucked it (lol) across the room. I went over and got it and scolded him that he couldn't be mean to the doll like that. *grin* A little while later we were ready to shut the house down and go to bed, and Mark looked at the doll, grabbed it and threw it behind the couch, thought about it a second, got it back out, and brought it in the dining room. We had a chest cooler in there from a trip to the park earlier, and he opened the cooler, put Baby Chucky in, closed the cooler. Then he thought about it, and took the -vacuum cleaner- and put it on top of the cooler. Only then did he feel comfortable going to bed. I was laughing my ass off. :)

Next morning, Kira wanted to know why the vacuum cleaner was on top of the cooler so I briefly explained. Then I had to go to an appointment, so I left. Mark was still sleeping.


I came back to find out that Kira had gotten a little creative. While Mark was sleeping, she took Baby Chucky into his room.

She pinned the doll to fishing line that was duct-taped to the ceiling, and as you can see she gave him a weapon...duct-taped a screwdriver into his hands.

She put this on the announcement board downstairs:

And then just for a little something extra, when he came downstairs, she was back-to, but when she turned around, he saw this:

(he's also freaked out by clowns)

In retaliation, he put Baby Chucky under her bed pillows that night. Which apparently did not freak her out, but she put him in -his- room under the covers.

And Baby Chucky has not been seen since. mk

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Anonymous said...

Very funny that Maine humor! Was there any more payback from your son?