Friday, January 29, 2010

Dr. Nightmare

I am so easily amused.

I have a Garmin Nuvi that my parents gave me for Christmas 2008. (side note: GPS's are one of the most fabulous inventions ever!) I lovelovelove my Garmin. The standard female voice that came with it, I named Jenna. (I don't know why. She just *sounded* like a Jenna.) Love Jenna, she has really allowed me to have confidence in traveling, that I will get where I want to go. For a severely directionally challenged individual like myself, it's an amazing feeling.

I knew you could download other voices, vehicles, etc, so quite awhile back I did a bunch of that here. (it's all free. I like free.) Then I was an idiot and couldn't figure out the kind of cable to connect my Garmin to my PC, and then I got distracted so the whole thing sat forever. I accidentally discovered that I ALREADY POSSESSED the exact cable I needed, just a few weeks ago. Yes. Duh. Anyway, moved it all over & stuff. Updated my vehicle to a spiffy little silver sports car, switched over to the British Lady (who sounds like a BITCH), and ta-da.

Went to an away game for Mark today (not too far away, about 15-20 minutes) and I knew how to get there but one of the things I like about the Garmin is that it will also keep track of what time you are supposed to arrive. Which is great for me, who is obsessed & paranoid about being late. So I had it going and everything, and I got sick of British Bitch, so I decided to go with a new voice I had downloaded for the way home.

Dr. Nightmare.

It is the coolest voice EVER!!!!! I absolutely LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE it! Every time he spoke, I got the biggest damn grin on my face. And then at one point, as I'm driving along admiring the full moon (yes), Dr. Nightmare randomly speaks up and said, "My usual transportation is by broomstick." (I got giggling hysterically at that point, I was so tickled) Almost home, and he said, "In one-quarter mile, turn right and arrive at the despicable destination." I mean, how awesome is that!!

I am SOOOOOOO waiting for the evil laugh...I know he'll have one!! :D mk


Capt. Brenda said...

I listened to the Dr Nightmare sample. He said, "This car is nice, but it's no hearse." and it was followed by an evil laugh. Perfect for you! Kind of like my Facebook wall being in "pirate".

markira said...

It is, isn't it! :)