Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Musing

Anybody ever think about how what a perfect time Halloween is to go on a mass-murdering spree? Everyone's acting a bit weird, nobody gets suspicious when they see someone covered in blood or carrying a large sharp object....

Hey! Come to the Halloween Carnival tonight! I'll be there! Bwahahahahaaaaa.... mk


Anonymous said...

Hey MK!!

Been a long time since I made an entry!

Hoping that Twitter/Facebook stuff doesn't cause you to drop your blog entries altogether...!

Sorry your feeling so down, with the S.A.D. and all. It's too bad, 'cuz this truly is the best time of the year (to me). But, I do understand how the early-darkness makes some folks feel really down.

Hoping to at least see some good Halloween photos..!

Off tomorrow, to go see about actually, finally getting a motorcycle!

Take care...

Paul (from MA.)

The Beast Mom said...

Be vewy vewy afwaid.

:) bm

markira said...

Paul! {hugs} Did you get your motorcycle?

I am just about to post pictures...please stay tuned.

C: you know it. :D