Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My new pet charity

I did tons of research. I asked for suggestions (thanks BM & Jenny!). And my final decision for a new pet charity is Heart to Heart International:

From their web site: "Heart to Heart International is a global humanitarian organization that inspires, empowers and mobilizes individuals to serve the needs of the poor in their communities and around the world. We accomplish this mission through partnerships that promote health; deliver resources, education and hope; and provide opportunities for meaningful service."

It is a Christian-based organization (although not an evangelical one). They have paid staff of about 30 people, not one of which makes more than $81,000. In addition, they have thousands of volunteers, which make them able to use over 99% of donations for their stated purpose, as opposed to administrative costs. For example, per their 2005 annual report, they spent $48+ million on international relief & development, $5+ million on US projects, and less than $500,000 on general/administration/fundraising/public relations. Forbes has them on the list of 200 largest charities.

If you go to check out their web site, it is outdated. I emailed to find out why, and immediately got a reply back from a VP of marketing, who explained that they are in the process of changing servers and updating. But they are very much still alive and active. I encourage you to go explore the web site and tell me what you think! mk

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The Beast Mom said...

Well THAT'S cool! Glad you found something that you can support wholeheartedly.

BTW, that pic of the red hair ties is hilarious. I cannot believe your children humor you this way - allow you to post their embarrassing photos! Cool kids!