Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let There Be Light!

Well, after four days of having no lights in the kitchen, trying to cook dinner in the dark, today was the day. Picked up Dad and all the necessary tools (wire cutters, wire strippers, wire, electrical tape, am I forgetting anything?), headed to Home Depot to pick out some new lights.

I was quite excited. The lights in my kitchen have never quite worked right, and for the longest time only one of them has been lit, and four days ago it finally died, too. I was getting new lights. That were wired correctly. (Much in my house was constructed and improved, being generous, insanely badly by someone blind and wearing mittens, whose tool chest consisted of a butter knife and a rock.) Anyway. New lights! Maybe even new panels! I was sooooo excited.

There are a LOT of lighting choices out there. It was narrowed down greatly because I currently have three four-foot shop-lights hanging above my dropped ceiling, and so I knew basically what I wanted. But within that area, what a selection! There are strip lights, shop lights, troffer lights, and each comes in at least a couple different baffles for different sized bulbs. We spent quite a bit of time there, and talked to a guy (who was very knowledgable and helpful, by the way), and finally, after much discussion amongst ourselves, we came up with a game plan, made our purchase and proceeded to my house.

And now my kitchen is very bright, brighter than it has ever been before!

The bulbs weren't screwed in right.

I swore.



Anonymous said...

Sorry but the Home Depot trip sounds like pure torture. How the heck did you not have your bulbs screwed in right? Well, regardless, I'm glad you can see in your kitchen now.

I like the butter knife and rock toolbox. I'll have to remember that one.

markira said...

Did I mention that each bulb is four feet long? And that I had no idea what I was doing when I put them in? And apparently I did it wrong. OK?

As Kira so lovingly put it after I took her to the dentist only to discover that I had the wrong day, "It's okay, Mom, everybody makes mistakes sometimes."

There has been much teasing from my parents already. I can wire and install a damn car stereo, but lightbulbs are apparently too complex. :D mk

markira said...

And also, I looooooooooooove Home Depot. Ask Kira sometime what Mommy's favorite store is. :D mk

Anonymous said...

Oh, like a long weird lightbulb! I see. I was picturing like a regular bulb. Meanie.