Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, ok. Maybe my scale is screwed up or something, but it is telling me that I lost FOUR POUNDS since yesterday. I'm a little freaked at the magnitude of the immediate results of going on this diet.

And I'd forgotten a bunch of things about it, too. I remembered the carb withdrawal headache (which yes, has arrived), but I forgot about the bazillion trips to the bathroom the first couple of days. And the faint feeling of nausea as my body adjusts to the double whammy of consuming a great deal of meat & eggs, and getting all the sugar out of its system. And oh my goodness, the ketosis halitosis that is coming, if it has not yet arrived. I must warn Ro. Poor girl is going to be sitting next to me for two hours at a movie today (we're taking our kids, plus another friend of Mark's, to see Eragon). I don't want her asphyxiating in a cloud of ketones. :D

Also forgot about the feeling of "lightness" that comes with getting the carbs out. Not that I don't still feel fat, because I do, but somehow I also feel lighter. Less draggy. (although the *energy* hasn't arrived yet, that'll be another couple days, I think.) And as the weight that I've lost has been water weight, I feel less puffy. (and I can see it in my fingers. the less-puffiness. nobody else would notice, just me.)

Still to come is the energy increase. That'll arrive over the next couple of days, as the carb withdrawal is complete. The nausea will fade, also. And any remaining food cravings. Weirdly, on this diet where you can eat as much as you want (of the approved foods), you don't feel hungry. Often you have to remind yourself to eat. Truthfully. (I'm not there yet.)

I *have* noticed how snacking has become an automatic habit with me. How many times in the last two days I've not been hungry, but still find myself scanning for a little nibble of the carbohydrate variety. It's crazy.

Well anyway, the kids will be home off the bus in a few minutes. I've just noticed how truly hellish the house looks, and Eddie's coming home with Mark. And Ro's meeting us here to go over to the movies together. Huh. I'm a total pig. Damn I hope this energy kicks in soon so I'll feel up to doing some major cleaning! mk

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4 pounds closer to becoming a HOT MOM!