Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here We Go

OK, people. I've started on the Atkins Diet. As of today. I am currently eating my lunch, which is a yummy salad with dark green lettuces, a little touch of cucumber, broccoli, celery, hardboiled egg slices, an aged romano cheese dressing, and a sprinkling of bacon bits. Dinner is planned: a grilled steak, which is already marinating (in Emeril's Lemon Rosemary Gaaahlic, which is amazing and totally my favorite marinade), and another nice big salad. Might even make sugar-free jello for dessert.

I've done Atkins before. It works while you're on it. I lost a ton of weight, looked great, had a lot of energy. The problem is when you go *off* the diet. You have to have a new plan in place and expect some slideback, because you WILL regain some weight while your body adjusts to the new plan. If you just flat-out go off Atkins (like I did), it's likely you will just regain all the weight, and possibly add more (again, like I did).

The hardest part about Atkins is the first three days. Adjusting to the new eating style, and also dealing with the KILLLLLLLLLERRRRRRRRR carb-withdrawal headaches. Oh my gosh, those things are horrible. But I'm ready for it.

The easier part about being on Atkins this time is that I don't have X around anymore. He wasn't particularly supportive about the diet itself, and he surely did not want it to interfere in any way with *his* life. I ended up making three different dinners every day: one for me, one for the kids, and one for X. That SUCKED. Plus every night after dinner, X would plant himself in front of the TV with a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Which was torture.

But enough negatives! I'm staying positive! I'm gonna start dropping weight! I'm gonna be a Hot Mom!

OK, I'm going to go finish my salad, have some water, and get ready to go to Mark's Geography Bee. Later! mk

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job!!! You can do it!