Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cookie Time

Well, it's started. The Girl Scout cookie sales. We gave the girls all their information today at the meeting and sent them home with their packets. Our troop goal is to raise enough money for an overnight trip to the Children's Museum in Portland in May, when they're having a Space Day event. Since our troop gets to keep $0.65 of the $3.50/box price, we're gonna have to sell a loooot of cookies, I think. :D

We're also doing a program with Operation Gratitude called Troops to Troops. We're asking people to purchase extra boxes of cookies to send to the troops deployed overseas.

So anyway, now I have cookie sales to deal with. And of course, I am on Atkins, and cannot have any sugar. And I just looooooooove Thin Mints. sigh.

Anyway, we came home and sent emails to some friends, and have already gotten two orders (thanks Ro! you were first!). Both people included a box for the troops.

I can only say, thank heaven I am NOT the troop cookie mom. She is going to have a ton of work to do.

Well, Mark hasn't showered or eaten dinner (tonight is kind of a fend-for-yourself night....Kira's having yogurt with granola, she's not hungry after we made s'mores at Brownies today), I haven't eaten dinner, etc etc. Best go get that stuff taken care of. mk

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