Saturday, January 20, 2007

Busy, busy!

Just a couple of quick highlights, I know it's been a WEEK since I've written.

* Kids had a four-day weekend over MLK Day. School had a workshop on Friday. Kids very excited.

* Student-staff basketball game on Wednesday. What a blast. The staff dressed up in 70's garb, including the most monstrously huge Afro wig I've ever seen on the middle-school science teacher. Mark got to guard his sixth-grade teacher, and he stopped her cold. Which was a good thing, because she scored at least 12 points in the game. But Mark was "like flies on sh#&," and "all elbows" she said. heh heh. He also got to shoot the technical, and made one of the two shots. Huge wave of applause, all for him. Way cool. He also shot in the fundraiser foul-shooting contest at halftime, got 5/10, lost to a fifth-grade girl. :D Teachers were taking the kids to school when there was a blank-out with the scoreboard, and when it came back on, the kids were suddenly ahead. :D In the last fifteen seconds of the game, the entire student team (which consisted of both the boys' and girls' basketball teams, probably 25 kids) came out on the floor and played. Bwahahahahahaaaaa. It was just a total blast, beginning to end.

* Apparently we couldn't just go from a four-day weekend to a regular weekend, so we had a snow day yesterday (resulting in a three-day weekend, sort of a step-down thing to a regular week). Yet, no snow. At all. The "huge storm" has not materialized.

* Which is a good thing, because I have to drive to Portland this morning (leaving in about 45 minutes, actually) to pick up Mark, who went to Boston for the weekend to SEE A CELTICS GAME. My friend Kimmie emailed me Thursday morning to see if she could pick him up and take him to one. She had two tickets at the level just above the floor (the loge). So when he came home from school on Thursday I told him to pack up, he was going to the game. She picked him up Thursday night, was taking him also to the Museum of Science (for education on the day he was missing from school! yeah, that's it!), and we're meeting at the mall in Portland for him to come back home, because she has a thing today. Of course, he ended up not even MISSING a day of school because of the "snow day." Even better. I can't wait to hear all about it. He called me yesterday afternoon after the museum, and they had gone to the OmniTheatre at the MoS, and he was all wild about that. :D Lots of excitement for him.

* I'm working on a re-decorating of my teensy tiny bathroom. It all started when I found an incredible little bathroom cabinet at TJMaxx on Wednesday, which I got a great deal on. Now I've also replaced all of the towel bars, installed some shelves in the vanity under the sink, put new shelf boards up on the walls, and have picked out a paint color to re-do the vanity to match the cabinet (it's a great color called "Black Rose.") Still working on what color the walls are going to be. Oh, have also found a *gorgeous* mirror for the bathroom, a bit of a splurge but it will totally make the room, I think.

So, that's some of the stuff I've had going on. I've really got to get a move on in getting ready to go, so I'm off. mk

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Hello. I'm glad you finally posted something. You were starting to remind me