Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8 2006

Just got a flat of blueberries from a local farm. Spent about a half-hour bagging them up for the freezer, 2 cups per bag. I have THIRTY bags of blueberries in there. Plus a 1.2 quart Tupperware bowl full on the counter for frequent munching today. I loooooooove fresh blueberries. Now I have to make sure that I actually USE all the blueberries I have in the freezer. Mom & Dad have offered to go in halves with me on them. I have to think about it. ;)

The kids are going with X tonight for a week. It was originally going to be tomorrow morning, but D. called today and asked if they could get them tonight, and honestly, that works out better for me, too, rather than having to get them all ready in the morning. (translation: I get to sleep in tomorrow!!)

Spent a few hours with Patti yesterday going over Brownie stuff. We have a tentative schedule of meetings for the year, which we will finalize once school starts and we get the school calendar (we are NOT having ceremonies the same day as school concerts this year....that happened TWICE last year). We sent an email out to the parents, telling them the date of the first meeting, what we had decided about dues for the year, letting them know that uniforms weren't required but if they did get one, we recommended the sash, handbooks weren't required either, etc etc.

Yesterday morning got Mark's school shopping finished. Turns out we didn't get anything at JCPenney (they didn't have any of the sneakers he liked in his size...he's a 7.5 men, and he didn't want to even LOOK at clothes), so his gift cards are still all intact. We did find a pair of sneakers he liked at WalMart ($17, as opposed to $35 for the cheapest sneakers he liked at Penney's, and that was a SALE price), and folder, dividers, pencil box, notebooks, etc. Then we split up, with Kira and I heading for the craft department to get the stuff for her Halloween costume (yes, I KNOW when Halloween is), while Mark went to toys. He had brought his own money with him. He decided to get a lightsaber with lights & sounds, a 20-pack of AA batteries, and a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (me: "You paid FOUR DOLLARS for that? There's like 20 jellybeans in it!" Mark: "Yeah, but Mom, it also has an EXCLUSIVE BAG!" [read as: cheap pseudo-velvet drawstring bag] oh my.). But, it was *his* money, so I bit my tongue. Besides, who was I to talk? I spent a bazillion dollars on stuff to make a costume for Kira that she'll maybe wear four or five hours total in her life. But DANG, she'll look cool those four or five hours.

Kira's going to be the Tooth Fairy this year. She came up with this idea last year, so we've been planning it for awhile. Do you realize, there are no actual "official" Tooth Fairy costumes out there? Except this one joke-type man's costume. Kira's going to have a silver dress with silver tulle overlay and white satin teeth appliques stitched on, and a wand made of a thin dowel, a large tooth (instead of, say, a star) and some streaming sparkly ribbons. Also will probably have a bag of chocolate-wrapped coins and a small bag for collected teeth, although I can't quite figure how I'm going to work that yet, since I don't want her to be bogged down with a ton of accessories. Oh, and wings, of course. The last time I made wings for her--when she was Tinkerbell three years ago--I made them in such a way that they snapped onto the back of her costume. I think I'll do that again this time, since it worked really well, as opposed to the wings that you wear kind of like a backpack. :D

I have NO idea what Mark will be for Halloween. Neither does he. I've asked. Multiple times. I'd love for him to do some really awesome creative costume, and would be willing to put a fair amount of work into it, but he just doesn't seem that into it. Which doesn't stop him from getting irritated when he doesn't win the costume contest at the school Halloween Carnival. I have tried explaining the connection, but it still eludes him. And ohhhh, the two years that Kira won (one year as Tinkerbell, one year as Dorothy), he was *ripped*.

OK, well, I think I'm going to see if the kids want to go swimming for a couple of hours.

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