Monday, August 21, 2006

August 21, 2006

Well, I survived yesterday. Now just get through next Sunday, and I'm good to go.

Right now I am baking chocolate chip cookies. Not from SCRATCH or anything (I haven't done scratch cookies in about a year), but those Tollhouse Cookie logs that you basically just slice and bake.

I've made my own of those logs, different kinds of cookie dough....they work out fantastic. I have a couple in the freezer right now, as a matter of fact. Mix up your favorite cookie dough, roll it in logs, wrap in wax paper & Saran wrap, then put in a freezer bag. Terrific for times when you don't feel like mixing up the whole dough but want fresh home-baked cookies.

Kira and I are writing notes to each other. She started it. Mark was having a bad morning and I asked him to be grumpy in his room rather than in the living room. While he was upstairs (his grumpy time morphed into drawing on the computer, so he's doing great now), she wanted to write him a letter to see if he was feeling better. I offered to be the "mail carrier" because I figured I'd get a better reception than a little sister. She had written a whole letter about hoping he was feeling better and did he feel better circle yes or no. So he circled "yes" and I delivered it back to her.

Then she left *me* a note, asking me how I was doing (good or bad) and that she loved me to bits and pieces. And I am the best because I give them treats that they like. (what a reason.) I wrote her a note back (folded it up in my best junior-high-note-passing fashion, those little triangles) and snuck it out where she would see it.

She wrote *me* a note back that says "Thank you Mommy."

Oh, and Mark and I got a note together that says "Punch buggy white, can't punch back."

Remember punch buggies?

Gotta go check the cookies. Maybe I'll find another note.

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