Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10 2006

Ok, TOMORROW I go to Women of Faith. Meeting at Barbara's at 8am. So, do you think I'm ready? Of course not.

In yet another example of how far I've come from the once hyper-organized individual of my (relative) youth, when I would have been packed at least three days ago, with test-runs to make sure I could get ready early enough in the morning, and also a drive-by to make sure I knew where Barbara's new house is....right now I am washing clothes, hoping that stuff will be clean before tonight so I can pack it, and understanding that I may well be packing tomorrow morning at about 5am. Also, I have not yet gotten the cash I will need for the trip. Oh, and I accidentally deleted the email where Barbara told me where her house is (I *think* I remember....I know the general area where she's supposed to be....take a left on Broadway on some road I hadn't heard of, then a right on her road (that I can't remember the name of but am pretty sure I'll recognize when I see it), and she's the second house on the right. I *do* know what her car looks like, and I have her phone number programmed into my cell phone, so I can always call and say I'm lost. :D

This is pathetic. I LOVED being as organized as I once was. I had all of my books alphabetized by author, and then by publication date. My clothes were organized by type (pants, tanks, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, etc) and then by color. Well, hey, wait, they're still organized that way. When I get them in the closet, instead of just piling them on the floor in *front* of the closet.

[oh success! I found the deleted email! and darn it, I was close on the directions, although I missed a turn in there. anyway, now I've printed the email.]

Back to the rant. I fervently desire to reach my former level of obsessive organization. At this time I'm not even sure I can get back there. I have so much JUNK to get rid of, and so little energy to deal with even the basics (days go by when I don't have the energy to shower, much less clean or organize)....I don't know if I can ever get there.

Still, I have little flashes of hope. Yesterday I managed to get my Girl Scout Brownie notebook organized, with sections for everything, and three-hole-punching stuff so it's all at my fingertips in a nice, neat order. (now mind you, I don't need to actually use any of this for another MONTH, and I'm leaving on a trip TOMORROW, so there was a bit of insanity in my choice of focus, but hey)

OK. I have to fold some clothes that *are* dry. Maybe some of it will be something I could wear this weekend. Wouldn't *that* be nice? And I should probably get my bag out of the attic.

Wish me luck!

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