Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aug 24 2006

Ow. I am sore. I've spent several hours on the lawn and gardens, which is awesome, but now my body is mad at me. ;) I was perfectly fine until I got out of the shower. Then all of a sudden I'm all neck, shoulders, hands, and a little bit of my back. I think I need to do this more often.

Kira's outside riding her bike in the driveway. She's wearing a pair of knee pads I just found for her yesterday. Hopefully this will help with the shredding of her knees. That is, if she'll keep them on.

Mark's upstairs drawing comics. He was wandering around the house this morning moaning about being bored, so I'm glad he's figured out something to do. (I got very irritated with the "I'm bored speech" and had him help me weed one of the gardens, which he did a horrible job at. But I think he's afraid to say he's bored anymore today.)

Mom and Dad are on their way up to camp, where they will be loading up a picket fence that they got *free* last weekend at a yard sale, and which will be perfect for my front yard. We're not going to install it yet, because the town is re-paving my road, and they are going to replace the culvert that goes from my yard while they are at it. Also, the guy who does the work for the town is going to replace the drainage pipe going out of my basement with a larger pipe. Dad and I have to go get the pipe today. So they'll drop off the fence, we'll put it over on the side out of the way, and go get the pipe. After the yard's all done being dug up etc, we'll install the new fence. It's in great shape, just needs to be painted, which will be no big deal, and I have to do some painting this fall anyway, so a fence won't be too much extra. :D

Anyway. So that's my plan for the rest of the day. While Dad and I are getting the pipe, the kids will be at camp with my mom.

Saturday my friend Patti and I are planning a trip to Sam's Club in Augusta to stock up on some stuff. Sunday I do *not* have to watch her kids, because her husband (Coast Guard) is not going to be under way after all. He's going to watch all the kids while we go to Augusta.

Had Bible study last night, we are working on a study on Priorities, and last night was "Making Painful Decisions." I was glad I went, I missed the last one due to massive migraine. I spent the entire day in town, 'cause I went to visit Lynn (my sister) in the morning, then brought her to my parents' house so I could borrow Mom's hair-cutting scissors and cut Lynn's hair (it hadn't been cut in a year and desperately needed it). There's still some dead stuff on the ends but I cut several inches off and she needs to be able to put it back so I have to wait a bit for it to grow out more to cut the rest. Probably about a month. It looks a ton better, though. I also helped her with some stuff around her room (she lives in a group home, she's got some mental health issues), and altogether it was a good visit. I need to do that more often.

After I was done visiting Lynn (I could have spent more time with her, but she had a counselling appointment), I spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents' house, which I haven't done in a long time. It was nice visiting with them. Then Bible study and back home around 9:30. A long day, but I did some good stuff with it.

As I've done good stuff today. I feel pretty productive. I *should* run some laundry, but I am sore and tired and still have to do the pipe thing and unload the fence and so you know what? I'm just not gonna do it.

OK. Folks'll be here any second, so I'm gonna wrap it up.

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